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If you wish to be happy, no one can stop you.
Similarly, if you wish to be free, no one can stop you.
In fact the universe encourages and supports your freedom.
Because to be happy and free is your natural state.

Mooji (via yogachocolatelove)

If any of ya’ll are down with the Instagram, @wildernesstheory is me.

Anonymous asked: Have you ever been to West Virginia? It's a very nice place to travel to

I have indeed. It was on a trip to Florida a few years ago. The mountains were quite a treat.

Anonymous asked: Can we eat pizza, watch movies and cuddle, have sex, and go camping together please?

Can we be best friends?!

Anonymous asked: What kind of vehicle do you drive?

Ford Explorer. Early 2000ish.

Anonymous asked: Where do you go clothes shopping?

I go shopping like twice a year at clearance stores. All my clothes are faded or have holes in them, for the most part. I’m in no position to be giving out shopping advice haha.

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