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But hey, STS9 will always be transformational music and you won’t need synthetic designer drugs to enjoy it.

EDM is swallowing the world. No longer do shows require fans but instead a group of people simply ready to party. EDM has become so over-saturated. It’s a trend that I believe will die eventually. How long will people appreciate a “musician” on his computer pretending to be making sounds that are actually preprogrammed beforehand. Even the ones who play live drum kits are barely playing. They have a beat in the background that they are matching to. I witnessed it myself at a Big Gigantic show. The music was cool for a minute then everyone with a laptop decided they were going to be an EDM artist and that is how the scene became an over-saturated joke. It was like the hardcore scene of yesteryear. Everyone with a guitar and a low e string found it quite simple to jump into a band and start playing uninspired bullshit. Technology is ruining music. Your light shows aren’t shit when everything you play fits the same formula.

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